Home News Embracing New Business Opportunities with HiSilicon 8K solution

Embracing New Business Opportunities with HiSilicon 8K solution

[Suntec, June 18, Singapore] HiSilicon showcase Hi3751V811 8K innovative Smart TV Solutions at Broadcast Asia2019(BCA2019) Singapore, Reinforces Commitment to Consumer Electronic Market.

BroadcastAsia2019(BCA2019) covers industry analysts, financial analysts, industry media, and key opinion leaders. At BCA 2019, HiSilicon introduce latest 8K Smart TV SoC solution names Hi3751V811. HiSilicon also demonstrate the incomparable 8K picture quality on 98 Inch 8K TV with HDR technology and Hisilicon AI PQ Engine.

The 8K Smart TV SoC product Hi3751V811, is offers high levels of integration and performance while reducing the overall power footprint. HiSilicon Hi3751V811 provides powerful CPU and GPU processing capabilities with Big-Little Architecture Dual-core ARM® Cortex® A73 plus Dual-core ARM® Cortex® A53 64-bit CPU and a multi-core ARM® G51 graphics GPU and subsystem along with the latest generation of the HiVXE2.0 Multi-format Video decode engine. Also supporting the latest Industry High Dynamic Range, (HDR) technologies, HDR/ HDR10 & Dolby Vision along with best-in-class PQ engine, ImprexTM2.0, plus Hisilison’s AI PQ engine which provides an immersive video quality experience.

Broadcast Asia runs from June 18 to 20, in Suntec City, Singapore.

For more information about HiSilicon BCA2019, please visit: http://www.redjvh.live/en/Events/BCA2019.


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