Home News HiSilicon launched solution based on power line communication protocol G.hn.

HiSilicon launched solution based on power line communication protocol G.hn.

[Suntec, June 20, Singapore] HiSilicon will show “G.hn- Whole Home Coverage Solution” at Broadcast Asia2019(BCA2019) Singapore, Whole Home Coverage Chipsets Implement High-Speed Interconnections and Full Wi-Fi Coverage for Every Family.

The reference solution is based on Hisilicon G.hn Chipset Hi5630 and WiFi chipset Hi562X series, “Whole Home Coverage solution” including G.hn SoC Hi5630H and Hi5630S PHY chip, beside provide 2.4G Hi5620 and 5G Hi5621 chips for WiFi access. Actually Video freezing and disconnections account for 40% and 30% of home Wi-Fi network problems, respectively, the root cause is the difficulty in getting Wi-Fi signals to penetrate walls, Hisilicon G.hn Hi5630 delivers Lossless Through-Wall Wi-Fi Performance and therefore provides good user experience in playing games and watching videos. The G.hn SoC product Hi5630H, is offers better Anti-interference capability than Homepluge in power line, also the highly integrated SoC chipset solution can reduce the product size greatly. Hisilicon provide turn-key solution in both software and hardware design for help customers quickly develop products.

I look forward to seeing you in Singapore .Together, let’s build a fully smart and colorful world. Broadcast Asia is held in Suntec City, Singapore, from June 18 to 20, 2019.

For more information about HiSilicon's, please visit: http://www.redjvh.live/


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