Home News HiSilicon Outlines opportunities for Smart Home with 8K+AI chipset solution

HiSilicon Outlines opportunities for Smart Home with 8K+AI chipset solution

[Suntec, Singapore, June 20] At the Broadcast Asia 2019(BCA2019), HiSilicon outlined its Smart Home chipset solution powered by 8K+AI technologies. BCA2019 take place from June 18 through 20, which is an international event for media, entertainment and technology professionals, it is also where content is created, innovations explored and networks established.

At the Broadcast Asia 2019, HiSilicon demonstrate Smart Home chipset solution with the cutting edge technology of 8K+AI. Smart Home is becoming more and more popular in our lives, HiSilicon is keen to make our life safe and colorful by working closely with our partners to provide 8K TV display, IoT door bell, video call, vehicle parking recognition and home security smart camera and also the smart home network with GPON and G.hn/WIFI. We believe that home will be always by our side wherever we go thanks to our most advanced technologies.

HiSilicon devotes ourselves to empowering the industry with more possibility at present and in the future. Technology is always the key engine to lead our life move forward and HiSilicon will continuously work closely with our partners to build a better connected world and fast moving industry.

For more information about HiSilicon, please visit: http://www.redjvh.live/


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