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Hisilicon Release Full-Channel Smart and 4K Definition DVR SoC

[[Shenzhen, CHINA, October 29] HiSilicon release new generation of intelligent Soc Hi3531DV200 with multi-channel HD/UHD (1080P/4M/5M/4K) DVR product for high definition and intelligence requirements of the video surveillance back-end product market.

Hi3531DV200 is the first full-channel smart DVR Soc in the field of video surveillance. it integrates ARM Cortex-A53 quad-core processor and powerful inference engine,equipped with 1.2Tops CNN neural network acceleration engine ,supporting multiple intelligent algorithm applications, such as smart motion detection, face recognition and so on,achieves full-channel intelligent.

4K analog ultra-high definition DVR Soc in the field of video surveillance. HI3531D V200 integrates multiple MIPI D-PHY interface input, breaks through the bottleneck of video input performance of digital interface, and improves the video input performance from 1080p of the previous generation to 4M/5M and 4K real-time, the true ultra-high definition Soc.

High image quality and low bit rate. HI3531D V200 further improves the effect and performance of H.265 video codec engine and video image processing algorithm. Combining with AI technology, it further reduces the bit rate and saves the cost of hard disk.

Hi3531 DV200 is a high-performance, high-quality analog high-definition intelligent DVR solution. which is in the leading position in the field of intelligent processing and analysis, high image quality, low bit rate, low power consumption and so on. It will Empowers the field of video surveillance in analog high definition market and the vehicle DVR market, further upgrade to ultra-highdefinition and intelligent.

Welcome to visit the HiSilicon booth Hall1 #1B35.

For more information, please visit HiSilicon online at www.redjvh.live.


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