Home News Hisilicon launches latest Demodulator Product Hi138V200

Hisilicon launches latest Demodulator Product Hi138V200

[Shenzhen,China, September26] Hisilicon launches demodulator chipset solution Hi3138V200.

Hisilicon’s TV SoC has been adopted by many customers all around the world. By combining a specific chip with all major standards of demodulators with our system-on-chip (SoC), Hisilicon can perfectly provide the customers with global comprehensive solutions. Hisilicon has released a demodulator chip, Hi3138V200. Hisilicon SoCs, such as Hi3751V730 and Hi3751V811, have integrated the global demodulator and passed the global field test. The Hi3138V200 inherits the previous technologies. The solution is mature and stable, so it can be quickly implemented into the customer's products. In addition, the Hi3138V200 can offer better compatibility and ESD performance, so it should be adapted to various complex scenarios. When Hi3138V200 and Hisilicon’s SoC are paired together, the remote debugging will be easier and the development efficiency will be much higher.

Hi3138V200 demodulator Product can support key technologies points:

?support ATSC 1.0.

?support ISDB-T.

?support J.83B.

?support DVB-T.

?support DVB-T2.

?support DVB-S.

?support DVB-S2.

?support extension of DVB-S2 satellite digital broadcasting standard DVB-S2X.


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