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HiSilicon Release New Far-field Voice Solution

[Shenzhen,China,June14] Smart TV market share grows very fast in these years, the more convenient interactive mode of voice has gradually become the standard for smart TV.

HiSlicon’s smart TV SoC Hi3751V551 has been mass-produced and commercialized by many domestic and foreign TV manufacturers with its strong and perfect performance.

With the pursuit of user experience, voice interaction has also developed rapidly, gradually expanding from the near field to the far field, while far-field voice has higher performance requirements and more stable requirements for the solution. Hisilicon actively cooperated with various TV manufacturers and voice solution manufacturers to launch a low-cost and high-performance far-field voice solution:.

?Support I2S MIC.

?Support 2 or 4 MICs.

?Support better noise reduction and echo cancellation.

Hi3751V551 with Cortex A73 CPU high performance, can support other applications running smoothly in far-field voice scenarios.

Current Hi3751V551 far-field voice solution has been mass production by serval customers.


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