Home News Hisilicon and Jiangsu Cable Deliver Next Generation Smart Home Center

Hisilicon and Jiangsu Cable Deliver Next Generation Smart Home Center

[Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 14] Hisilicon and Jiangsu Cable Delivering Next Generation Smart Home Center with 8K + AI + HomeBus

IBC2019 - At the world’s influential media entertainment & technology show, HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd, a world leading fabless IC semiconductor company, will work with Jiangsu Cable to release the latest 8K+AI end-to-end Proof of Concept platform for the broadcast industry.

Jiangsu Cable is one of the largest broadcast network operators in China with more than 20 million subscribers. HiSilicon is devoted to working closely with industry-leading partners to build and develop the next generation of ecosystems, continuing to empower the video industry.

Jiangsu Cable Suzhou Laboratory is responsible for future innovation projects within the group and in December 2019, using the HiSilicon 8K+AI solution, an end-to-end 8K live demonstration will be built in Suzhou. In June 2020, an 8K intelligent platform will then be used to launch the first commercial service.

Technology has always been always the key enabler to lifestyle improvements and HiSilicon will continue to work closely with our partners to build a better connected world in an increasingly fast moving industry.

For more information about HiSilicon, please visit: http://www.redjvh.live/


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