For the past 10+ years, together with our partners, HiSilicon has been able to design and build a complete ecosystem required to support the complex design & manufacture of some of the most advanced devices available in the industry today.

By using the most advanced technologies for processor, security, high performance image sensors, and next generation home connectivity designs, HiSilicon is able to offer highly integrated and targeted hardware and software solutions.

Being able to understand and deliver solutions based on our Customer and Industry needs, is a critical part of Hisilicon’s current success. Designing and developing products that address worldwide markets in collaboration from Customers and Partners, is what makes HiSilicon a global supplier today.

Innovation is key to HiSilicon’s future success and the continued long term investment will make Hisilicon one of the leading premiere silicon suppliers for the future. By working closely with our Industry Partners, we will create innovative and cost effective solutions that address the next generation product requirements.

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