Working closely with the industry-leading technology companies and research institutions to release multiple advance process node, including the most advanced technology nodes like N16/N10/N7.

HiSilicon has developed a mature process flow including process specification definition, PDK and model validation, reference design flow, ATE and process diagnostic, mass production control.



Based on the successful R&D experience of SOC chipsets for over 17 years, HiSilicon is capable of providing most advanced SOC architecture design and implementation.

  • Our SOC chipsets can achieve highest performance with lowest cost memory bandwidth and power.

  • Particularly for smart camera products, we can provide high performance and salable heterogeneous computing multi-core processor architecture with advanced CPUs, vision DSPs, dedicated deep learning engines and GPUs embedded.



Hisilicon is working closely with world's leading vender to release the most advanced processor solution particularly for Surveillance, Set-Top-Box Digital TV and Home Connectivity, including CPUs, GPUs and DSPs. For example, HiSilicon has released world first 64bit CPU smart TV SOC and world first high performance cortex A73 CPU smart TV SOC. We are capable of providing the best performance with lowest power and cost processor solution. For example, HiSilicon has released world first A17 plus A7 big. Little CPU architecture IP camera SOC Hi3519V101 ,highest performance and lowest power quad core A53 CPU set-top box SOC Hi3798MV200.


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